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“…I can tell you this: Elliott’s a standup dude. One of the most genuine, down-to-Earth, trustworthy guys you’ll ever meet. Always smiling, family-first, the anti-marketer, runs all over Google like a damn treadmill — that’s Elliott in a nutshell.

If you ever have a chance to collaborate with him, pounce on it. You’ll be tickled pink you did.”

Brad Campbell


“Since the day I aligned myself with Life Matters (formerly Life Shotz) and choose to partner with Elliott, he continues to facilitate my goals and offer his expertise in this profession. Elliott is a top leader and is extremely intelligent with his years of experience.

When in Elliott’s company, whether in person or over the phone, he is present and sensitive. His sense of humor and smile are contagious! I am blessed and honored to have found you Elliott!!!”

Shannon Smith

Ontario, Canada

“If you are looking for a leader to follow and work with, Elliott is your guy. There are lots of so called “gurus” out there that say they want to help you, but most just want your money with offering little value in exchange.

I’ve personally worked with Elliott and not only does he have years of internet marketing and network marketing experience but he is no B.S. guy with true integrity.”

Mary Newnham


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