The Best MLM to Join The Company You Can't Miss - and Why

What is the best MLM to join?

With so many of the fastest growing MLM companies pushing you to join, it can get confusing when you’re looking at MLM products, compensation plans, founders, etc. What you need to remember, is that the best MLM to join in your situation is going to come down to one thing – finding someone you’re excited to work with.

Throughout this post, we’ll use the terms network marketing, MLM opportunity and multi-level marketing interchangeably, though you could argue that network marketing is our profession and MLM is the style of compensation plan network marketing companies use.

If you’re considering an MLM company as a business because of the passive income potential, you might also want to look into this free training for building small websites that create residual income.  The overall success rate is much higher and there’s no recruiting friends and family.

People who wonder why multi-level marketing doesn’t work have not likely joined the best MLM for them at the time, or had great upline support and a team around them to get through the often frustrating first few months. Even publicly traded network marketing companies – who you would think are too big to pay any attention to you at all – have small teams and wonderful leaders to join.

So how do you find the right MLM opportunity out of all the network marketing companies? I’ll touch on some things that were important to me, which company I recommend and why I chose the network marketing company that I did, and what to look at for yourself.

Finding the Best MLM to Join

When I was looking to join a network marketing company, it was because I had made a lot of money at affiliate marketing building hundreds of websites to market other people’s products. Almost overnight, that was all but wiped out by a single Google ranking change. It was devastating, but I knew I could build something stronger.

I knew I needed LEVERAGE – and I knew that meant the opportunities of a network marketing company. I could finally get away from the short-term up and down risk of web traffic by building a solid long-term residual income in MLM.

My goal when looking at a MLM to join was not to find the best marketed or the most talked about, and definitely not who had the most before and after pictures on Instagram…. my goal was to study which MLM opportunity could help me build LEGACY income – income that will outlast my lifespan if I build it right the first time.

This meant that the products had to be evergreen, and that meant health & wellness. All of the huge MLM companies that have been around for decades are health and wellness companies.

It also meant this MLM needed to have a uni-level compensation plan. A binary plan has way too much long-term risk involved and I could lose out on a ton of money.

The company management had to be built around integrity – both in products and the business. I’ve had too many experiences with MLM companies that ended in disappointment because what a company said and did were very different things.

I also, of course, needed to join a company that was on the same page of what I was trying to do – building wealth and legacy income. A company that had strong leadership who would help guide my team through the initial challenges and cheer us on. Community and culture was a huge part of what MLM company I decided on.

I Joined the Best MLM Company for My Family and Me

My search ended when I found Life Matters (formerly Life Shotz). Life Matters has a first-class training system, an automated prospecting system, one of the top compensation plans in the MLM industry, a strong financial foundation and the owners have passion and make business decisions based on long-term success – not fast profits. To top it off, they have the most amazing set of products I’ve come across in the MLM industry.

I know that Life Matters will be the last company I join. My team is growing quickly and we will end up building wealth here – not just quick income.

My Network Marketing Story

I was a top recruiter with a company last year when I came to a point of feeling out of alignment with some of my core values. I disagreed with too much of how the company was run – much like a “typical” network marketing company – too much hype and too many broken promises.

I looked at companies like Isagenix, AdvoCare and over 30 others. I thought there had to be an MLM company that I could feel positive about getting behind and was actually excited to share!

I was introduced to Life Matters through a mutual friend of the owner of the company and his girlfriend, Kimmy.

I reached out to them and had initial calls about the direction and goals of Life Matters, my background and the network marketing industry in general. I clicked with them instantly and decided I would fly out to California to meet them personally.

Before my trip, I tried the products and had an almost immediate effect. My energy level was sustained and higher (I always used to have an afternoon crash) through out the day, as well as getting much more restful sleep. My wife also tried them and loved that her mood improved! She stays home with our two little boys every day so the mood can be a little “rough” from time to time :)

It was time for the trip.

I spent a day and a half with them at a resort near Carmel, CA and it became clear very quickly that this was a different kind of company. The integrity and honesty stood out. They shared their passion of making – not just Life Matters – but the entire network marketing profession better and more respected around the world truly blew me away.

I joined them on the spot!

If you’re looking for something refreshing – an MLM company where you never have to be pushy, you never have to tell someone they “should” do something… and you simply share and respect people for where they are in their life… you might want to take a look at Life Matters.

Will You Find the Best MLM to Join?

Does network marketing work? Of course it does. When the best MLM to join presents itself to you – you’ll know it. Not because of the company’s marketing tactics, but because you’ll find a connection with someone you want to do business with.

Try to separate the hype from the facts. Try to find out how a company trains it’s people – you can typically do that by paying attention to how YOU are approached by a network marketer. Did they make you feel comfortable? Respected?

I hope you’ve connected with me here today. If you understand where I’m coming from and have the same desire to make a long-term life-changing income instead of hopping from one company to the next: look into Life Matters.

Remember, the best MLM to join is the one where the company’s opportunity and it’s people resonate with you!

Elliott Kosmicki

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Elliott Kosmicki

Elliott helps home business owners empower themselves, grow their business and make a difference in the lives of others.He's a former productivity contributor to, an SEO and internet marketing expert, and a user experience professional. He lives in the Madison, WI are with his wife and two young boys.You can read more about Elliott here.


  1. James Robinson

    I’d like to join an MLM company too. But as for now, I’m still searching for solid company

    • Elliott

      James, remember to look for a strong team/leader over just a company. Yes, you need a company you can love, but there will be pluses and minuses to every single one. Find someone who you think can help you navigate your first 90 days.

    • Biju John

      hi james, QNET, if u want to know more, please email to me. thanks

  2. Valen Lindner

    I have a friend who is proposing I join Arbonne? She would be good to work with although I am not educated on all the MLM companies and don’t want to make the wrong choice. I also have a blog which I want to leverage and it seems like most of the health and wellness MLMs utilize hosted parties. Are there any that are more internet based that have had a long time track record! Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

    • Elliott

      Hi Valen,

      I sent you an email. Look forward to chatting!


  3. Mohammed

    I’d like to join an MLM company too. if you can help me to find one , that will be great.

    • Elliott

      Mohammed – I recommend Sisel Kaffé and Sisel International – you can find out more on my partner page. I’ve also emailed you to see how I can help.

  4. katria

    I am attempting to try Plexus Worldwide, but have no idea how to market my product or even what to do.


    • Elliott

      Hi Katria – thanks for stopping by. I’ve emailed you to see what I can do to help.

    • Galina Zhitomirsky

      I would be happy to tell you about the two companies I believe are the best in the MLM – Fohow and Onecoin – I would be delighted to share with you

  5. tamara beckford

    I also would like to join a MLM company but has no idea which on suits me….am not good at selling but am good with numbers and bookeeping can u help me find one

  6. David

    Hi Elliott,
    I have joined to MLM and I think, it is good one.. I find it for 4 years. Can you give me an advice??
    Thank you very much

  7. Sam A. Lee

    I really enjoyed your article I feel like you really hit home when you said you searched for an MLM that would “pay you LEGACY money” that really hit home for me as family is the my number one reason for why I do this business as well. I love my family very much and their security is very important to me. Thanks for such an informative article.

  8. Rob

    Good Morning,
    I am looking to get into the MLM world for myself since losing employment due to downsizing. I am now stranger to MLM as I’ve been helping my wife market her Mary Kay business for the last 13 years. I would prefer something that is web based as I also run sports clinics/leagues year round.
    I guess I’m just looking for some direction.
    Thank you for your time!

  9. Jeimy Soto

    Hi, I was wondering if you had any information about Fuxion. I’d like to know whether it’s the right time to join them or not. Hope you can reply. Take care

    • Jose Calderon

      Hi Jeimy. Fuxion is an excellent company. Fuxion is a Peruvian company that is spread in 12 countries, including the US. Randy Gage has decided to join Fuxion as a networker 2 weeks ago! Robert Kiyosaki and John Maxwell are current Fuxion’s advisors. Fuxion’s nutraceutical products are made of fruits and vegetables from the Amazon region, Andean region, Central America and Asia. The company is in its best moment. So I recommend you to join us!

  10. Christine

    Hi, im also a network marketer and i joined this great MLM company. This company is basically in my place but they are catching up and will having a branch in USA soon. The company’s name is AllianceinMotion global. if you would like to earn fast. Anyone could join and it doesnt need experience. I would give you my email and explain to you how this MLM company works

  11. Denise Dunlap

    I have a friend wanting me to join LifeVantage. What have you heard of them? I’m currently selling Arbonne but not sure of the whole party aspect of the company. I feel people are avoiding the subject.

  12. Mkuu Hanje

    Iam looking for a good company that can introduce mlm business in Tanzania.

  13. Todd

    Hi Elliott could you recommend a Merchant Service MLM Company and do you know anything about Symmetry Financial Group? Thank you for your time.

  14. Stephen Wood

    Have you reviewed Nerium? My best friend just told me about the business and he is not someone who gets excited about MLM. His wife had just picked up her new Lexus and he said it was being paid for by Nerium. Any research on them?

    • Priority Health

      Nerium has enjoyed a fast start in the MLM world. MANY people joined recently. However, from what I am hearing from distributors that I know, it is difficult to advance without high $$ input. Many people join to get their Nerium product for free. I’d rather make $$ than get free product. The company pays you in free product when you get three customers. The Lexus is NOT given away. The company provides a cash allowance for distributors to USE toward the Lexus and the distributor MUST maintain a certain number of distributors beneath them or they are stuck with the Lexus and the cash allowance goes away. Ask your friend. If he is a friend, he will be upfront about the fact that you could get stuck paying for the Lexus. They give Lexus’s away rather quickly within the program which I think is driving the rush to join. Just be wary of the dark side to this offer.

  15. Claudetteyerby

    I was seriously thinking of joining tlc but iam on the auto ship plan and 3 months of tea has been already taken out of my acct and I only have received 1 month supply now how can I tell other potential customers to get this product

  16. Claudetteyerby

    Or can you suggest an mlm or direct marketing company just want to make some extra money

    • JR Farase

      What kind of products do you like? It would be good to choose something that you know you could excel at.

  17. smifenuf

    Youngevity is the Undisputed Champ of MLM: Find Out Why it’s the Best Direct Sales Company to be Involved With.

  18. Carolyn

    I have a friend that is very into nerium. I am a little skeptical because of the ingredients in the products. What is your opinion on them . It is growing really fast but i am wondering if people are just getting brainwashed. Is this a good company to sign on with?

    • Elliott Kosmicki

      Hi Carolyn –

      From what I know, the products have very harsh ingredients, but of course they seem to work based on the push of before/after photos.

      I like the health and wellness field, but prefer a company who’s focus is on natural/non-toxic myself.

      Just my opinion.

  19. Caleb Marten

    I work for an amazing new Network marketing company called Gwazoo. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a very promising new company now is the time to act! It’s a free opportunity as well! Let me know if you want to know more

  20. Guest

    I am considering joining a MLM but can’t decide. Almost everyone I know either does Genesis Pure, Xyngular, or Thrive. I want something that is healthy and simple. Not something you have to do 3-5 items to have great health results. Please help! There are so many choices. I have researched and read reviews, about the companies and they each have pros and cons. Suggestions please Elliot and thanks again for your time and assistance.

    • Elliott

      I still recommend Life Matters.

  21. Greg

    I thought That your article was very good. My wife recently joined this company called World Ventures and me being me I figured it would be like some of the other companies that she has joined. You know a bunch of women companies scentsy, 31, etc but the reason I took notice is when she made 500. I know it’s not much but i know if she can make that faster than she has with some of the others she has joined without my help then maybe this thing is the real deal. What do you know about it? I have met some of the people and they seem genuine unlike some of these others like Amway and I don’t feel like it’s all about freaking selling like most of the others. Just shoot it to me straight.

    • Elliott

      I don’t know much about World Ventures, Greg. I do have some very respected friends in the business who build that business and I do trust them. In ANY network marketing business, it more often comes down to what the independent business owner is putting IN to their business. Are they following the plan religiously? There is no company out there that can legitimately promise a get-rich-quick plan. You have to assume MLM is a 4+ year build – and only then when you’re going full-out. Most people don’t have the stamina for that – but if they do or can learn it, people can make a lot of money in many different companies.

  22. Erik Christian Johnson

    Love your statement on “building legacy income,” Elliott. That’s a powerful point to make. Also, working with someone you would love to work with.

    I also made pretty good money with Affiliate marketing but they were almost all “one-time” sales. MLM gives us a powerful advantage of Leverage. Thanks again, keep rocking Elliott!

  23. RW

    Was wondering your opinion on a company called Zija? From all that I have found, it has been around about 10 years with primarily a health and fitness core of products. Would like your comparison with Life Matters products and Zija. Looks similar?

    • Elliott

      RW – I know a few people doing well in Zija, but haven’t researched them specifically.

  24. selena

    Jeunesse or LifeVantage? Any thoughts? I like that both companies have a variety of products (eg skincare, health) and are global. I’m so torn? Want to base it on their compensation plan as well. Thank you so much!!!

    • Elliott

      Selena – I’ve heard good things about LifeVantage and know people at the top of that company. Jeunesse I know much less about. My top pick is still Life Matters for people looking to build a solid network marketing business.


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