The Best MLM to Join The Company You Can't Miss - and Why

What is the best MLM to join?

With so many of the fastest growing MLM companies pushing you to join, it can get confusing when you’re looking at MLM products, compensation plans, founders, etc. What you need to remember, is that the best MLM to join in your situation is going to come down to one thing – finding someone you’re excited to work with.

Throughout this post, we’ll use the terms network marketing, MLM opportunity and multi-level marketing interchangeably, though you could argue that network marketing is our profession and MLM is the style of compensation plan network marketing companies use.

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People who wonder why multi-level marketing doesn’t work have not likely joined the best MLM for them at the time, or had great upline support and a team around them to get through the often frustrating first few months. Even publicly traded network marketing companies – who you would think are too big to pay any attention to you at all – have small teams and wonderful leaders to join.

So how do you find the right MLM opportunity out of all the network marketing companies? I’ll touch on some things that were important to me, which company I recommend and why I chose the network marketing company that I did, and what to look at for yourself.

Finding the Best MLM to Join

When I was looking to join a network marketing company, it was because I had made a lot of money at affiliate marketing building hundreds of websites to market other people’s products. Almost overnight, that was all but wiped out by a single Google ranking change. It was devastating, but I knew I could build something stronger.

I knew I needed LEVERAGE – and I knew that meant the opportunities of a network marketing company. I could finally get away from the short-term up and down risk of web traffic by building a solid long-term residual income in MLM.

My goal when looking at a MLM to join was not to find the best marketed or the most talked about, and definitely not who had the most before and after pictures on Instagram…. my goal was to study which MLM opportunity could help me build LEGACY income – income that will outlast my lifespan if I build it right the first time.

This meant that the products had to be evergreen, and that meant health & wellness. All of the huge MLM companies that have been around for decades are health and wellness companies.

It also meant this MLM needed to have a uni-level compensation plan. A binary plan has way too much long-term risk involved and I could lose out on a ton of money.

The company management had to be built around integrity – both in products and the business. I’ve had too many experiences with MLM companies that ended in disappointment because what a company said and did were very different things.

I also, of course, needed to join a company that was on the same page of what I was trying to do – building wealth and legacy income. A company that had strong leadership who would help guide my team through the initial challenges and cheer us on. Community and culture was a huge part of what MLM company I decided on.

I Joined the Best MLM Company for My Family and Me

My search ended when I found Life Matters (formerly Life Shotz). Life Matters has a first-class training system, an automated prospecting system, one of the top compensation plans in the MLM industry, a strong financial foundation and the owners have passion and make business decisions based on long-term success – not fast profits. To top it off, they have the most amazing set of products I’ve come across in the MLM industry.

I know that Life Matters will be the last company I join. My team is growing quickly and we will end up building wealth here – not just quick income.

Watch this free video to see why I recommend Life Matters (formerly Life Shotz).

My Network Marketing Story

I was a top recruiter with a company last year when I came to a point of feeling out of alignment with some of my core values. I disagreed with too much of how the company was run – much like a “typical” network marketing company – too much hype and too many broken promises.

I looked at companies like Isagenix, AdvoCare and over 30 others. I thought there had to be an MLM company that I could feel positive about getting behind and was actually excited to share!

I was introduced to Life Matters through a mutual friend of the owner of the company and his girlfriend, Kimmy.

I reached out to them and had initial calls about the direction and goals of Life Matters, my background and the network marketing industry in general. I clicked with them instantly and decided I would fly out to California to meet them personally.

Before my trip, I tried the products and had an almost immediate effect. My energy level was sustained and higher (I always used to have an afternoon crash) through out the day, as well as getting much more restful sleep. My wife also tried them and loved that her mood improved! She stays home with our two little boys every day so the mood can be a little “rough” from time to time :)

It was time for the trip.

I spent a day and a half with them at a resort near Carmel, CA and it became clear very quickly that this was a different kind of company. The integrity and honesty stood out. They shared their passion of making – not just Life Matters – but the entire network marketing profession better and more respected around the world truly blew me away.

I joined them on the spot!

If you’re looking for something refreshing – an MLM company where you never have to be pushy, you never have to tell someone they “should” do something… and you simply share and respect people for where they are in their life… you might want to take a look at Life Matters.

Will You Find the Best MLM to Join?

Does network marketing work? Of course it does. When the best MLM to join presents itself to you – you’ll know it. Not because of the company’s marketing tactics, but because you’ll find a connection with someone you want to do business with.

Try to separate the hype from the facts. Try to find out how a company trains it’s people – you can typically do that by paying attention to how YOU are approached by a network marketer. Did they make you feel comfortable? Respected?

I hope you’ve connected with me here today. If you understand where I’m coming from and have the same desire to make a long-term life-changing income instead of hopping from one company to the next: watch this video to see an overview of Life Matters, then let’s talk.

Remember, the best MLM to join is the one where the company’s opportunity and it’s people resonate with you!

Elliott Kosmicki

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