The Best MLM to Join – Stopping the Analysis

The Best MLM to Join – Stopping the Analysis

With so many of the fastest growing MLM companies pushing to have you join, it can get confusing when you’re looking at MLM products, compensation plans, founders, etc. What you need to remember, is that the best MLM to join in your situation is going to come down to one thing – finding someone you’re excited to work with.

People who often wonder why multi-level marketing doesn’t work have likely also never joined the best MLM for them at the time or had great upline support and a team around them to get through the often frustrating first few months. Even publicly traded multi-level marketing companies, who you would think are these huge companies that pay you no attention have small teams and wonderful leaders to join.

Finding the Best MLM to Join

When I was looking to join an MLM company, it was because I had made a lot of money at affiliate marketing building hundreds of websites up to market other people’s products. In a few short months, that was all but wiped out by a Google ranking change.

I knew I needed LEVERAGE and I knew that meant network marketing.

My goal when finding a MLM to join was not to find the best marketed or the most talked about, my goal was to study which MLM could help me build LEGACY income – income that will outlast my lifespan if I build it right the first time.

This meant that the products had to be evergreen, and that meant health & wellness. All of the huge MLMs that have been around for decades are health and wellness companies.

It also meant this MLM needed to have a uni-level pay plan. A binary plan has way too much long-term risk involved and I could lose out on a ton of money.

I also, of course, needed to join a team that believed in what I was trying to do. A team that had great people who would support me through the initial challenges and cheer me on. I definitely never want someone to DO anything for me – I’m the business owner and will do it for myself – but having a support structure there was important for me to join.

I Joined the Best MLM for ME

My search ended when I found Live Shotz. Life Shotz not only has one of the top compensation plans in the MLM industry, it has a strong foundation, the owners have passion and make business decisions based on long-term success – not fast profits. To top it off, they have the most amazing set of products you can come across in this industry.

I know that Life Shotz will be the last company I need to join and that I’ll end up building wealth here – not just small-time income.

Watch this free video to see why I chose Life Shotz.

Will You Find the Best MLM to Join?

Does network marketing work? Of course it does. When the best MLM to join presents itself to you – you’ll know it. Not because of the company’s marketing tactics, but because you’ll find a connection with someone you want to do business with.

I hope you’ve connected with me here today. If you understand where I’m coming from and have the same desire to make a long-term life-changing income instead of hopping from one company to the next.

Watch this free video to see why I chose Life Shotz, then let’s talk.

Remember, the best MLM to join is the one that will pay you and your family for generations.

Elliott Kosmicki

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