AdvoCare Reviews Does the AdvoCare Business Work or Not?

Advocare Reviews

AdvoCare reviews are all over the internet. The complaints, the love, the scam accusations. I’m not affiliated with AdvoCare at all and I did end up choosing Life Shotz as my primary business, but I am also a network marketing professional who has seen people rise and fall in many different MLM companies.

Join me while we take a look look through reviews of AdvoCare to see if it’s a legitimate business opportunity for you, or a complete scam.

If you’re considering AdvoCare as a business because of the passive income potential, you might also want to consider this local lead generation model.  The overall success rates are much higher.

AdvoCare Reviews – the Product

If you’re looking at AdvoCare’s popular meal replacement shakes, you should read over this comparison chart first. If you want a better meal replacement as seen in the comparison chart, you can see LS-VIBE right here. Their science-based approach to formulation results in ultra high-quality, vegan, non-GMO and non-allergenic products.

As you probably know from the AdvoCare website itself, it has a deep product line with everything from supplements and health drinks to energy bars. It’s a fully-stocked health and wellness product company.

Dr. Oz has mentioned them and they even have Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints as a spokesperson. That’s pretty cool when you can get a big name superstar to endorse the product of a network marketing company.

They also have an AdvoCare 24 day challenge which challenges customers to lose weight with their products in just 24 days. Some of the results I saw were pretty astounding as far as weight and inches lost.

AdvoCare says it’s only safe to do a 24 day challenge once every 90 days.

AdvoCare Spark Reviews

Advocare’s most popular product seems to be their Spark energy drink, which is the product Drew Brees is most often associated with.

The reviews on Spark seem to run the gamut from people who love it to people who think the whole thing is a scam. Well, it’s ultimately up to you but I HIGHLY recommend trying the company’s product for yourself before you join. So many times I see people blindly join a company before finding out if they actually will use the product themselves. I’ve even done this and regretted it!

Find an AdvoCare distributor you like, order some product, then talk business.

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My Advocare Video Review

AdvoCare Company Reviews

The company has been around for over 10 years, so they’re on stable ground with a lot of great product, distributors, and sponsors.

While reviews run from hot to cold, there’s a very common theme with negative reviews: “I didn’t make any money.” This has got to be the funniest part of my job when I’m looking at other network marketing companies and distributors are talking about how they didn’t make any money. Funny because the running theme is they always think it’s the company’s fault. You’ll never find AdvoCare reviews saying “I didn’t make any money because I decided to not get on any calls, talk to anyone about my new business, spend any money on advertising, or take any other action at all.” Even though, in 99% of the cases – that’s exactly why they didn’t make any money in Advocare.

Even though I think it’s funny – it’s actually a very serious situation. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a franchise business, working years before they get into profit putting in 60+ hour work weeks.

In AdvoCare and other MLM companies, you can build a business for hundreds of dollars – be in profit VERY quickly – and build a walk-away income in 3-5 years. It’s a shame more people don’t realize this.

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AdvoCare Complaints

It’s one thing if a distributor is providing false claims – I don’t know that’s the case – but anyone considering AdvoCare as a business should know that network marketing is the greatest profession in the world.

As long as you WORK the business. Yes, it actually takes work and no, it doesn’t actually happen overnight. If you’re one of those people who want to sign up and be rich next week – you should probably move on, go back to your j.o.b. and forget about making a living with network marketing.

There’s a way to gain a huge advantage over the other distributors, get more leads and more sales and to get into profit right away, and I talk about that below.

AdvoCare Reviews – Distributors

If you’re looking at AdvoCare as a business – you should watch this free video to see why I chose Life Shotz instead.

AdvoCare distributors love the Advocare weight lost products – the cleanse in particular, it seems. The one thing it seems distributors have the biggest issue with – like many network marketing companies – is finding people to talk to about their business.

There’s only so much a distributor can do to build a business when their only guidance is “make a list of people you know.” I know people who have built empires doing this – along with meeting 5 new people per day face-to-face. However, in the age of the internet, when people want to build a more automated business… there has GOT to be better ways.

AdvoCare Lead Generation

Click here to find out what what the top AdvoCare reps are doing to generate leads.

To generate leads for AdvoCare and any other network marketing business – I recommend one thing and one thing only. Building your own, personal brand. The way my team and I do this is with a marketing system called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). You can read my personal MLSP review here.

What MLSP does for people is incredible. You not only get state-of-the-art systems and tools for getting leads and turning a profit very quickly in your business – but you get access to invaluable training for yourself and your downline.

If you’re an AdvoCare distributor looking to get ahead of the game, create your own source of leads that will have people coming to you ready to join AdvoCare with you, you need MLSP for your AdvoCare business. Out of all the AdvoCare reviews out there, my guess is none of those distributors tried it. :)

Elliott Kosmicki

P.S. What would happen to your business if you could get leads free - forever? It can really happen - watch.

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  • April Ray

    Great Advocare Review Elliott! I was in it for a hot minute…Loved the spark….It just wasn’t for me though…too many home parties and too many pills for my taste…=)

  • Darren Pitt

    Great review Elliott! People need to know the truth about the mlm industry. Congrats again on the new Baby!

  • jamie cone

    Elliott, you seem like a unbiased person to consult with. I ve always been interested in a home based business but there are a lot of scams out there. I here some great and bad reviews on all of them. I sometimes wonder if the MLM business owners write false positive comment on review sites just to negate the possibly more truer negative ones. If you had a list of 10 MLMs that were truly reputable and would turn a profit once you put in the time what companies would be on that list and what 10 companies would you avoid?

    A college educated woman who has been able to find a part time or temporary employment in a year and looking at possible home based marketing business

  • Jake hypower

    I recently became a Advocare distributor, but I didn’t read your blog and listen to your webinar first to read that you chose Sisel. I probably would have chosen Advocare anyway, I’ve been using the products for some time. Will your MLSP course help for Advocare as well?

    • Elliott

      Jake – MLSP helps people in every company build their personal brand online and develop a following. It’s all about attraction marketing… once you attract them, it’s up to you where you lead them to. You can join me in MLSP here.

  • AnitaN45

    Thanks for the review. Years ago, I was a part of Advocare, but this was when the company was about 7 years old and the man who started the business was still running things. A lot has probably changed over the years with the products and what is being put into them. It’s probably more about the profit than your health. You are right that you have to work at it to be successful. One also has to be 110% committed to being out there everyday working to make it work.

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